Why Liberals Are Scared


Today a guy in my class pondered loudly, “Why can’t all you liberals just get over it? We won. We took our country back.”  Now, being a true pinko leftist weenie, I chose not to get in his face and punch his Reagan loving mouth.  Instead, I take to writing a blog.

So, to answer his question, we liberals aren’t over it because we’re scared.  Now I know that we’ve been trained that when you hear that your opposition is scared, you’re supposed to get a raging America boner and finish them off, but I implore you to take a step back for a second and let us make our case.

We’re scared, but not because of some unfair tax plan or some convoluted trade deal.  We are scared because this election represents the loss of freedoms that we all enjoy.  Really, that’s it and it’s a big deal.  Now, will Trump and his Cabinet of Deplorables manage to remove all the freedoms for which Americans have fought and died?  Maybe not.  Maybe only some.  Maybe only one.  The problem is that we should not be supporting a man who even threatens to get rid of one of those freedoms.  We should be defending people’s freedoms with our lives.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

While the above quote is often mistakenly attributed to Voltaire, it’s meaning is still a big “fuck yeah” fist into the air for those of us who truly love freedom.  Because let me tell you what freedom looks like:

Freedom is…

  • Every single person of eligible voting age being allowed to cast their ballot.
  • Every single person of eligible age being able to marry the person they choose.
  • Every single person being paid equally for their work.
  • Every single person paying their fair share in taxes.
  • Every single person having access to medical care regardless of their income.
  • Every single person being allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want.
  • Every single person being allowed to believe in whatever god they want.

Freedom is NOT…

  • Creating special rules that allow only certain people to vote without hindrance.
  • Telling someone that they can’t marry someone because it makes you feel icky.
  • Paying two people differently because one has a vagina.
  • Writing tax laws that allow the wealthiest of us to place the tax burden on the less fortunate.
  • Telling someone that they can’t get medical treatment because they not wealthy enough.
  • Restricting people’s thoughts, writings or words because they make you feel bad.
  • Forcing your religious beliefs on others because you feel right.

I used to be a registered Republican because when the party was explained to me, I was told that Republicans want to stay out of people’s lives and only concern themselves with the necessary duties to keep the country safe, equal and free.  So, where are my conservatives at?  I thought that they hated big government!  I thought that they just wanted government to leave us alone!  Yet, they now sit here and praise someone who is threatening abortion rights, voting rights, gay rights, freedom of speech and a myriad of other freedoms we hold so dear.  (By the way, I ditched the Republican party when it became apparent that they were more concerned with who was doing butt-stuff than they were the running of the country.)

Anyway, this threat to freedom is why liberals are having a hard time getting over it.  This threat to freedom is why they were crying the night that Hillary lost.  We’re not afraid of negotiation.  We’re not afraid of a little back and forth.  We’re afraid that America, with the support of half of its voting population, just elected the man who will destroy over 100 years of social progress.  As if that weren’t bad enough, the thing that makes it worse is that Trump voters seem proud of it.  They actually seem like they are looking forward to their friends, neighbors and coworkers having their freedoms yanked away from them.  Why?  Because you defeated Darth Clinton?  Because you get to shove all that liberal elite-ness in our faces?  None of that matters now.  We all must live in Trump’s America.  Maybe we’ll come together again in the future when we’re fighting our own American revolution to get our liberties back.  Maybe then, we will be worthy of calling ourselves Americans again.

By Nick McLain

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