AOR Ep. 74 Factless World

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This week we share our thoughts on Trump’s leaked phone transcript, the RAISE ACT, North Korea and how do we proceed in a world without facts?

Giant Dicks Of History – Edward Bernays


Edward Bernays

In light of the recent election results, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the life of “The Godfather of PropagandaEdward Bernays.┬áBernays is not only responsible for the term “Public Relations” but also bares some responsibility to our next President, Donald Trump. Let’s see if Mike can take out Bernays, Trump and Reality TV out in one segment.

Only The Dead (2015)

Only The Dead

Recommendation: Michael Ware documents his experiences as a journalist in Iraq beginning in 2003. This documentary is graphic and does not hold back on displaying the absolute violence and carnage of war that we don’t see on the evening news.

Available On: HBO


CNN: The Eighties (2016)


Recommendation: CNN and Tom Hanks travel back to The Eighties to shed light on topics such as: The AIDS Epidemic, the Reagan Administration, the end of the Cold War and the rise of Hip Hop, MTV and cable News Networks.

Available On: Netflix, Youtube


CNN: The Sixties (2014)

The Sixties

AOR Episode 38

Recommendation: One of the best historical Documentaries out there. Learn about the Civil Rights Movement, the Space Race, the Cold War and how Music and Television began to shape the lives of Americans.

Available On: Netflix, Youtube



13th (2016)

13th Documentary

AOR Episode 43

Recommendation: Aside from taking a deep dive into our justice system, this documentary also sheds light on how politics has played a role far beyond most of Americans are aware of such as organizations like ALEC, the CCA and what the real motivation was behind the RepublicanSouthern Strategy” during the Reagan Administration.

Available On: Netflix