No Faith For An Atheist


This is a line Atheists hear all too often from religious people and I’m going to debunk this myth right now.
First, this false accusation is at best a meaningless and misunderstood point by many and the only reason religious people will say something so ignorant is in an attempt to drag their opposition down to their level. At times, this accusation is flat out insulting. They might as well be saying, “Well your Atheistic views are just as nonsensical as mine!” Knowing that now, let’s move on to what’s fundamentally wrong with this statement…
When an Atheist is told that it takes belief or faith to not believe or have faith in religion, begin by pointing out the definition of the word “Belief” which is: “An acceptance that something is true, or that something exists.” Therefore, if you DO NOT accept something is true, or something Exists, then there is no belief. I have heard many religious people ask this question, then refer to me as a non believer. Now, (Not to sound too interesting) I don’t always use the word “belief”, but when I do, it’s an admission that my following statement lacks evidence. Unlike…
Faith. “Faith” is defined as: “Complete trust in someone or something”. However, my personal favorite definition of faith is: “Pretending to know what you don’t know.” Unlike the word “Belief” the word “Faith” is believing in someone or something REGARDLESS of conflicting evidence.
Neither of these words address the “non” side of thinking. What separates these two words is simply what someone is willing to do when they are confronted with conflicting evidence. For example, if I say, “I believe Team X is going to win the Super Bowl this year.” This is ok, it’s my belief and it may even be a legitimate hypothesis based on statistical data. However, a person of “Faith” will say these words without statistical data before the game, and will repeat the same sentence even after Team X loses the game.
The basic point is that saying it takes belief/faith to be an Atheist is like saying it takes knowledge and doubt to be religious. We only believe when we think but don’t know, and we only need faith when we confront evidence we refuse to accept.

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