A Letter To The People

Blue DotTo the division I’m seeing in the country right now,

You know that we all live in the same country, right?  There is an old saying my daddy told me.  He said, “Son, don’t shit where you eat.”  Now, being that I was five years old at the time, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant.  Of course I wouldn’t poop where I eat, that’s gross.  However, as I grew up, I came to understand that this meant the same thing as “Don’t get your meat where you get your potatoes” or “Don’t soil your own nest” or “Don’t stand behind the elephant after it’s had a laxative”.  Wait… Nevermind.  The point is that if we make a mess of our own living space or relationships with family, co-workers or neighbors, it will go bad for us.

So, again I ask, you know we all live in the same country, right?  This division that has begun to push it’s ugly head out of the loins of our country has to stop.  We all have a family member or neighbor that fits into that category that we are currently hating.  In my family alone, I have an undocumented alien, a lesbian, more than one Mexican, conservatives, liberals, holy rolling Christians and atheists.  If I were today’s American public, I wouldn’t have any family at all.

My point is, just stop.  We’re all in this together.  Muslims, gays and immigrants are not destroying this country.  AND, neither are conservatives!  That’s right my liberal comrades, I just defended conservatives.  I have more than a few conservatives in my life who are great people.  While I disagree with them on some issues really important to me, most of them are content with living up to the conservative idea of “do what you want as long as it doesn’t restrict me or my rights”.  That’s right, the idea of allowing people to live their lives the way they want is a conservative idea!  Who knew, right?  So, gay people, go get gay married because as long as you’re not forcing me to gay marry, we’re a-okay!

But I digress.  We’ve already established that our division is going to affect someone that we care about.  So, the logical progression would be to stop it.  This is like a silly pipe dream right?  Because if we all respect and live in harmony with one another, then of course the world should do the same, right?  Imagine, no more reasons to bomb shit… whoa, but then what do the people who build bombs do with themselves?  Maybe they can take an online course in transistor radio repair.

Once we realize that we are all one race, the human race, we can begin to work together to fix things for everyone.  Imagine living where ever you wanted on Earth.  Imagine being able to take that job in Egypt because you speak a common world language and were entitled to the same rights as everyone else on the planet.  The places in the world we would all like to see would open up to us.  The more time we spent with each other, the more we would realize that we are all the same and like it or not, we’re all stuck on this planet together.  Besides, unless we all come together we won’t be able to fend off the aliens coming from deep space to take our field hand and hotel cleaning jobs.

I know this was rambling, off topic and in some parts questionably coherent, but give me some credit.  It’s 3am and I can’t sleep because of a math problem.  Bottom line, we need to figure this out and come together.  We have far more in common than we have differences.  Most of our problems do not matter in the slightest.  I’ll leave you with a very moving YouTube video that uses one of Carl Sagan’s most famous contributions to our world.


Thanks for reading,

I love you all,

Please stop hurting one another,



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