Trump’s Hitler Rhetoric


We made this comparison on the show two weeks ago. You should always try to avoid comparing anyone to Nazi Germany, or Adolf Hitler, because anyone more evil really just seems to be beyond our comprehension. But there’s the problem.
Donald Trump is making this comparison all too real and almost unavoidable. And it’s not just his support of mass deportation and forcing registration of those he deems second class citizens. Two days ago on Fox News, Trump advocated that the American government should “take out” and later “interrogate” the family members of known/suspected terrorists. This is outrageous simply because it forces a burden of guilt on the innocent.
It should come as no surprise that we have a portion of Americans in this country that are anti progress. Whether it be for woman, gay marriage, economic equality or even a $15 minimum wage. The Republican Party has always supplied this demand with someone, or some group, to blame. This is nothing new. However, Trump has taken this to entirely new levels and we have enjoyed the show.
But the plug now needs to be pulled on Trump’s newest reality series where he tries to make America great again. It is such a disappointment that any American would advocate for the removal of the same diversity that made this country what it is. It is contradictory to claim to believe in the strength of this nation when you call everything that built it, such as the freedom of religion, the next thing that threatens to destroy it.
It is time to recognize Donald Trump for what he is, the worst representation of America our country has to offer this world. The rhetoric of blame the Mexicans and fear the Muslims is the easy and most dishonorable response to fixing this country, especially when the most obvious step is not buying into the blatant social divide tactics that many on the Right have been using for years.
Donald Trump, you are no longer worth the comedy you provide and should be immediately disqualified from any public office. The only thing your wall is keeping out is social progress and our American values.

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