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♦ AOR Ep. 78 – Banana Ted – This week we discuss Trump’s Transgender Ban, the Paris Climate Agreement, Ted Cruz’s response to touching himself on 9/11 and more.

♦ AOR Ep. 77 – We’re On Youtube!Join Mike, Alex and Nick for our first video recording of the show!

♦ AOR Ep. 76 – Pardon Of Racism – This week we welcome our new host, Jason who will be filling in for Nick moving forward. Our new host shares his opinions on various topics of the past week including Hurricane Harvey, Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe and Jerry Falwell Jr.

♦ AOR Ep, 75 – Scorn In The USA – This week our thoughts are with the victims in Barcelona and we discuss the marches in Charlottesville and Boston. Alex and Mike also debate the removal of Confederate monuments and ANTIFA.

♦ AOR Ep. 74 – Factless World  This week we share our thoughts on Trump’s leaked phone transcript, the RAISE ACT, North Korea and how do we proceed in a world without facts?

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