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♦ AOR Ep. 71 – Black Rabbit – This week we discuss the financial benefits of weed sales in CO, gay fun at the Catholic Church and France’s decision to ban religious apparel in public buildings.

♦ AOR Episode 70 – Special Episode: Mike & Nick discuss religion in healthcare after Mike’s wife is denied her birth control prescription from the same doctor’s office that had been filling it for the past year, all because her doctor is Catholic

♦ AOR Episode 69 – This episode we discuss mythical creatures from the Bible, the GOP’s healthcare plan and what we think of the current DNC leadership. In addition, we give details on how you can support AOR Podcast to help us improve your listening experience.

AOR Episode 68 – This week we learn about some weird sexual stories from The Bible, we discuss Trump’s recent financial disclosure and how hospitals are scamming their patients.

♦ AOR Episode 67 – This week we discuss the story of Jobe, Trump’s plan to begin charging stores for accepting food stamps and the hearings of Devos, Comey and Sessions.

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