AOR Episode 13

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Mike finally watches “How Great Is Our God?” and informs us all that Christians are finally coming around to the truth of the Big Bang Theory. Well, kind of, apparently God has allergies…

We finally put Ya’ll Queda to rest, hopefully. And what did we learn? Don’t grab your dick in the presence of federal agents. #EattheD’s

Is Hollywood the next case of systematic racism?

Flint Mi keeps getting worse.

We discuss the latest GOP debate while Alex loses control at the thought of one of the candidates that’s ready to “Pound some meat.”



3 Replies to “AOR Episode 13”

  1. RJ

    Obviously you watch a lot of Bill Maher. Not that that is a problem, I love him, but I see now where you get your views on God. I’m at a bit of a crossroads on this whole thing myself trying to figure out how evolution and God can be one in the same. I have actually been published in Christian magazines, twice, but still wonder. Think of this, I have always wondered about the science compared to the bible. Thought many times about it and about how time could mean something different in the bible and then, in one of my favorite movies I heard something that made sense and made me think. It was one of the Hobbit movies where the Woodland Elve king made a comment that 100 years is but a blink of an eye in the life of an elf. It made me think, a million years is probable a blink of the eye in the life of God. So therefore, the seven days that he created life could have well been over 7 million years but then interpreted in the bible as days.

    Dont get me wrong, still on the edge myself but just something to think about before you decide there is no God. As the old saying goes, “I would rather go thru life believing that there is a God and find out there isn’t that to go thru life believing there isn’t and find out there is”. Crap, I’m fucked now! Ha! Just saying

    1. Post author

      Thank you for your post.

      In regards to the difference in time between man and God, I view this a bit more complicated and I take a few contradictions into account from the side of faith:

      1. If God is all knowing all powerful and the definition of perfection, why would it take him 7 million years to create this planet? Just to be clear, the earth itself is around 14 billion years old. so the ratio would be 2B years is equal to one day.

      2. It’s worth pointing out that humans, in our current stage of evolution, have only been on this earth for approximately 100,000 years.

      3. Lastly on this, a major observation of the bible is that it never discusses what we know now. There is no mention of micro organisms or the greater outreaches of our cosmos.

      Regarding the final part of your comment, this is what is called “Pascals Wager”. The main issue with this is that there have been roughly 4,200 Gods throughout history. So your odds are not actually 50/50, more like 1/4,199, which is very close to the odds of an Atheist, 0/4,200.

      Again, thank your for your question.


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