AOR Episode 10

Michael went and watched “The Big Short” while Alex ate too much over the holiday break.

Bank ATM fees are discussed, along with other scams that are directed specifically towards those with financial struggles.

We make fun of Ya’ll Queda. Unfortunately, this episode was recorded prior to them receiving a big bag of edible dicks. (Stay tuned for episode 11)

Has Obama made race relations worse in America? Our answer may surprise you. The black crime rate and systematic racism is also discussed.

Mike loses it over the way Trump treated a Bernie Sanders supporter and a Muslim woman at two different rallies.

Mike loses it AGAIN over a conversation he had on Christmas day.

Apparently, those Facebook posts about God blessing you or Mark Zuckerberg giving you money for reposting are false. This is news to some apparently.

We give advice for quoting statistics in a debate.

Is the DNC favoring Hillary by scheduling debates during specific dates, such as NFL playoff games?

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