Giant Dicks Of History – Edward Bernays


Edward Bernays

In light of the recent election results, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the life of “The Godfather of PropagandaEdward Bernays. Bernays is not only responsible for the term “Public Relations” but also bares some responsibility to our next President, Donald Trump. Let’s see if Mike can take out Bernays, Trump and Reality TV out in one segment.

Giant Dicks Of History – Mao Tse Dong


Mao Tse Dong

Can you name someone other than Stalin that killed more people than Hitler? Well, Mao Tse Dong tops them all. Listen in as we discuss the man responsible for leading a revolution in China, and taking as many lives as possible along the way.


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Skeptic Sunday School

Let’s go for broke and just rail on Creationism and Intelligent Design, shall we? Check out this week’s Skeptic Sunday School as we point out the contradictions of Creationism and the book of Genesis.