A Fall To Arms


“Saying we need more guns to end gun violence is like saying we can end drunk driving with more alcohol” – AOR

While we are not against the right of Americans to own firearms, there is one very important opinion that needs to be set straight…
“If more Americans carried guns, we’d have less gun violence.” To put it into perspective, “If France promoted gun ownership, the attacks in Paris would have been less drastic and may have been completely avoidable.”
We’re going to skip over the obvious problem regarding how saying these quotes is patriotic, but saying we need less guns is pushing a political agenda. So, before we get into the opinions on this, let’s look at some of the statistics involved in this matter:

– There is estimated to be 270M-310M legally owned firearms in the US. That’s enough for every man, woman and child in this country to be armed at once.

– Only 13 states currently ban open carrying of firearms without a permit. That means there are 37 states that allow its citizens to open carry, no training/certification and at times, no registration required.

– 279,976 Americans have been killed in violent gun crimes and suicide by gun, (excluding accidental gun deaths) from 2005-2013. Adding 2015 alone pushes this total beyond 300,000 lives lost in just shy of 10 years.
Now here’s the kicker…

– A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun 1.6% of the time according to the FBI.

So, what opinions can we take away from this data? Will eliminating all gun ownership by abolishing the 2nd Amendment rid us of these embarrassing stats? Maybe. It has worked elsewhere. So then we obviously need to increase our gun sales? No.
There is a very simple reason why increasing gun sales is not the right answer and we have the evidence to rule this idea out of debates moving forward.
As humans, we only have two hands and more than enough guns to fill every one of them that belongs to a citizen over the age of 21. We’ve reached our full capacity already and can literally not hold the amount we already have in circulation.
To put this simply, we’ve been trying it this way for years already and gun sales have risen every year. In 2000 we had 8.54M gun sales and it doubled to 16.81M by 2012. Black Friday 2015 saw 180k gun sales alone. It is safe to say that we have been applying this theory since Columbine without reaching the desired results promised by the NRA.
Why else is this a bad idea? Because owning a gun does not mean you are efficient with one. Police Officers train regularly in order to meet range, safety and emergency response hour requirements throughout their career. Even after all of this training, not one will tell you that they have trained enough for the real thing.
Let’s take an example: You likely know how to operate your vehicle safely and can surely tie your shoes with your eyes closed. Both of these tasks are second nature to most. But have you ever tried performing these tasks when chaos is staring you in the face? Probably not. This is why 1.6% of armed America succeeds in eliminating a mass shooter. Your performance at the range means little to nothing when your brain is put under extreme stress and your adrenaline is through the roof.
So why do the hosts of AOR own guns? Home protection. Our firearms stay in one place and never leave our homes. Your home is the closest you will come to a controlled environment and you know it better than the intruder walking around in the dark. You know where your family is, you know your hiding spots and most importantly, you know who the enemy is. These things all change when bullets fly in a public setting. Not to mention, circumstances can vary in your home as well.
In closing, all Americans need to make an important decision: Do we adapt our beliefs to the evidence we are presented with, or do we just have faith that after 15 years of mass shootings this will finally begin to work? You read earlier that gun sales doubled from 2000-2015. Well, we’ve also gone from 40 mass shootings in 2000 to 355 so far in 2015.
Your choice.

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